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In the era of the information society and outsourcing, the Offshoring & Information Technologies sector is a key factor in the economic growth of a country.

Aware of this, Morocco has a strategic vision advocating the establishment of an action plan to support its development. This view has been strengthened as part of the Plan of Accelerated Industrial where offshoring is a world trades on which the country set to differentiate internationally.

Positioned among the world's best destinations in mapping Offshoring, Morocco has managed to score its presence in three areas:

- The customer service (call centers)

- ITO: Information Technology Outsourcing / Outsourcing services related to information systems.

- BPO: Business Process Outsourcing / Outsourcing transverse and vertical processes such as personnel administration, mass accounting treatments.

Morocco's strategy through a participatory work of all public and private actors involved in information technology, is based on four priorities:

- Make accessible to citizens broadband Internet and promote access to trade and knowledge,

-Rapprocher Administration needs of the user in terms of efficiency, quality and transparency through an ambitious program of e-government,

- Encourage the computerization of small and medium enterprises to increase their productivity,

-Develop The local track of information technologies, notably by promoting the emergence of high potential centers of excellence in export.


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Key Figures

La vague de délocalisation mondiale a permis à la filière locale de réaliser une croissance spectaculaire au cours de la dernière décennie comme le souligne le tableau ci-dessous : 


Valeur en Million DH
Exportations2 3803 5005 1806 1607 0008700

Source : Programme Emergence


L’activité Offshoring la plus développée au Maroc demeure les centres d’appels. Ces derniers ont connu un essor important depuis 2001. Leur nombre est passé de 3 a plus de 220 générant un chiffre d’affaires de  plus de 5 milliards de DH.


Cette dynamique s’est également traduite en termes d’emplois : 


 Emplois en 2010Emplois en 2012VAR
Centre d'appels      38 835      44 055+13.4%
Offshoring / Zone dédiées        8 051       9 227+14.6%
Offshoring / Hors zone dédiées       1 101       1 718+56%
Total Net       47 987       55 000 

Source : Programme Emergence


Strengths and Opportunities

Due to its geographical proximity, political stability and economic openness, Morocco is positioned as a regional hub for sources Offshoring with several advantages:

 Presence of advanced telecom infrastructure, plus terrestrial infrastructure, modern sea and air in constant development

 Favorable tax exporting activities.

A privileged location that allows human potential to have different language skills (French, Spanish, Arabic, English), cost-competitive and receptive to new technologies.

Morocco, through political and economic reforms he initiated in recent years, is as an ideal platform for investment and business to sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East region and North Africa,

Of reception facilities conform to international standards and a liberalized telecom market to control costs.


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