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Law No. 13-89 on foreign trade promulgated by Dahir No. 1-91-261 of 13 Jumada I 1413 (9 November 1992) as it was amended and supplemented by the law No. 37-93 promulgated by Dahir No. 1-94-259 of 4 Muharram 1415 (14 June 1994), the law No.  3-96 promulgated by the Dahir No.  1-97-63 of 4 Shawwal 1417 (12 February 1997).

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Decree No.  2-93-415 of Muharram 1414 (2 July 1993)

Decree No. 2-93-415 of Muharram 1414 (2 July1993) implementing  law No. 13-89 on foreign trade as it was amended and supplemented by decree No. 2-99-1261 of  29 Muharram 1421 (4 May 2000).

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Order of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and handicraft

Order of the Ministry of Foreign Trade No. 2570 of September 8, 2010, repealing and replacing the order No.1518-94 of 28 April 1994 laying down the modalities of subscription terms of import and export of goods.

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Order of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Foreign Investment and Handicraft No. 1308-94 of Kaada 1414 (19 April 1994) establishing the list of goods and subject to measures of quantitative restrictions import and export as amended and supplemented by Decree of the Ministry of trade, industry, handicraft and foreign trade No. 232-95 of 25 Sha’ban 1415 (27 January 1995), the Order of the Ministry of Foreign Trade No. 1800-1895 of 27 Muharram 1416  (26 June 1995), the Order of Foreign Trade No. 971-96 of 26 Hija 1416 (15 May 1996), the Decree of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Handicraft No. 1901-98 of 15 Jumada II 1419 (07 October 1998), the Order of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts No. 716-99 of 16 Muharram 1420 (03 May 1999), the Decree of the Minister of Industry, the Trade and Handicrafts No. 523-00 of 29 hija 1420 (5 April 2000), the Order of the Ministry of Trade of the Energy Industry and Mining No. 760-01 of 17 Muharram 1422 (12 April 2001), the Decree of the Ministry of Industry, Trade , Energy and Mining No. 1203-02 of 5 Jumada I 1423 (16 July 2002), the Decree of the Ministry of Foreign Trade No. 616-03 of 22 Muharram 1424 (26 March 2003), the order of the Ministry of Foreign Trade No. 281-04 of Hija 1424 (9 February 2004), the Decree of the Ministry of Trade No. 2435-06 of 2 Kaada 1427 (24 November 2006), and the Order of the Ministery of Foreign Trade No. 1321-1308 of 10 Rejeb 1429 (14 July 2008).

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Order of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Investments and Handicrafts No. 1518-1594 of 16 Kaada (28 April 1994) setting out the subscription terms of import and export goods and samples of forms afferent as it has amended and supplemented by the Decree of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Energy and Mining No. 1628-00 Sha’ban 1421 ( November 16 2000).

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Public organizations under the control of delegated ministry attached to the ministry of industry, trade, investment and digital economy in charge of foreign trade:  

The National Foreign Trade Council (CNCE)

The council is responsible for:

- Issue of recommendations and guidance related to foreign trade relations;

- Issue of suggestions designed to improve competitiveness in exporting sectors both at the production level and within the operation occurring during the exportation process; drawing an annual report over the behavior of Moroccan products and services importations and exportations

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MAROC TASWIQ/ The Moroccan Society of Marketing and Export

Assure the exportation of agricultural and food industry products, in particular through the aggregation of small and medium producers. 

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OFEC/ Office of Fairs and Expositions of Casablanca 

Organization of professional exhibitions with an international scope in order to give Morocco a position as international destination for our strategic sector (clothing, automobile, offshoring, electronic…).

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Ministry of Equipment, Transportation and Logistics

Bilateral and regional agreements regarding the road traffic.

The agreements concern the international transportation of travelers and merchandises.

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Finland :  Download the agreement.

France :  Download the agreement.

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Hungary : Download the agreement.

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Romania : Download the agreement.  

Switzerland :  Download the agreement.

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-        It has a major role within the development of trade agreements;

-        Assist companies and enhances their competitiveness through the establishment of several facilitation measures;  

-        Contributes to the introduction of an attractive environment that encourages investment and business development;

-        Combating all forms of commercial fraud by adapting continually measures which answer the firm needs and facilitate trade;

-        Ensure the fluidity of trade exchange by enhancing vigilance mainly at borders.

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Exchange Office

- Appoints exchange regulations by ensuring their implementation and punishing every infringement;

- Set the foreign exchange statistics and the balance of payments;

- ensure the implementation of international standards related to the creating and the dispatching of foreign exchange states mainly the United Nations standards and the International Monetary Fund;

- Actively participate to every action designed to promo the exportations and the development of the national economy.

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EACCE/ AUTONOMOUS CONTROL AND EXPORT COORDINATION ESTABLISHMENT                                                                      

- Insure the compliance of Moroccan food products designed to the exportation with regulatory requirements of international markets;

- Ensure the application of every mandatory provision related to risks on human health;  

-  Authorize manufacturing, packaging and storing units which designed their production to the export;

-  Prepare and implement the regulations dealing with the standardization of agribusiness products made for export;

- Coordinates the export activity of products submitted its technical control through collaborative management which rewards our exportations.

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SMAEX / Moroccan Insurance Company for Export

- Secure the exporters’ transactions 

- Share with the exporters the risks of unsuccessful market researches

- Reassure the banks’ guarantee

- Provides easier access to funding for policyholders

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- Commercial promotion, market analyses, organization of exhibits and trade fairs both inside and outside the country;

- Supporting the craft companies in their conception and marketing efforts on the traditional and new markets;

- Creating a database over the sector at the national and the international level

-  Organizing training workshop in the marketing, the research of new markets field as well as the adjustment of consumers’ requirements;

- Identification of primary products and markets.

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ONMT/The Moroccan National Tourist Office

- Promote the cultural and seaside wealth;

- Develop the niche thematic of selection which makes morocco among the most attractive touristic destination;

- Implement a new policy of sustainable management of the destination portfolio based on the anticipation and the following of demands;

- Stimulate domestic tourism

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In accordance with the Title II of the law 13-89 on foreign trade as amended and supplemented and the title V of Decree No. 2-93-415 adopted for its application as amended and supplemented and pursuant to the Agreements of the World Trade Organization WTO (agreements on safeguards measures, agreements on the implementation of article VI of GATT of 1994 and measures on subsidies and countervailing measures), trade remedies can be applied against the importation of a product that causes or threaten to cause injury to domestic production. These are the following: Antidumping, Anti-subvention, Safeguard.


At the national level, the reference legislation is the law No. 15-09 on trade defense measures and Decree No. 2-12-645 taken for the implementation of the law 15-09.


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To consult the decree No. 2-12-645: :

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