Mission & Activities | Maroc Export

We are a national institution  for the promotion of exports

Created by Dahir No. 1-76-385 of 25 Hija 1396 (17 December 1976), the Moroccan Export Promotion Centre (CMPE) is a public institution.

Its purpose, as its title suggests is to "promote exports" and contribute to the development of the national economy in foreign countries.

It is endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy, as it is also under the supervision of the Ministry Delegate to the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, Trade Officer Exterior.

Export Morocco works for the promotion of exports of industrial products, food, services and all products, except phosphates and derivatives tourism and crafts that have specific organs.

Since its inception in 1976, Maroc Export focused on achieving virtual carrier exclusive mission to Moroccan exports.

Now he is part of a new dynamic, deploys new, human and techniques to be able to meet the challenges of new growth that is emerging at regional and global level.



Exporters in service

Under missions, Maroc  Export is responsible, among others:

 - Promoting Moroccan exportable supply, available or in progress, in international markets and in harmony with the National Sector Strategies;

 - Diversify markets for Moroccan exports;

 - Encourage the internationalization of Moroccan enterprises;

 - Organize a trade information system at the international level, through the establishment of cooperation with, in particular, economic and trade offices abroad;

- Conduct studies on the export potential of Moroccan products and studies on the characteristics of external markets; assist exporters in their marketing efforts abroad; undertake promotional activities to raise awareness of Moroccan products on world markets;

- Provide advice and suggestions for the development of a comprehensive trade policy and of a general and coherent program of promoting exports of manufactured products and handicrafts;

- Directing public or private investors to industries or activities whose production could easily be sold on foreign markets and in the best possible conditions.

- We rely on an international network of Institutional and private partners in support of national exporters such as Trade Facilitation Office Canada (TFO Canada), Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva (ICCG), Columbia Export, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Dubai Export, Tunisia Export Dubai Export ....




The operational approach deployed by Maroc Export declines in several aspects, namely:

- The organization of the Moroccan participation in specialized sectoral fairs at international level and for greater international visibility of the Moroccan exportable supply;

- Business Missions with appointment individualized for direct canvassing foreign customers in target markets.

- High-level institutional missions targeting the decision makers of major international principals to enhance their sourcing in Morocco.

- Multisectoral major missions to facilitate the penetration of Moroccan exporters in the markets of sub-Saharan Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC);

- Sectoral communication campaigns for better positioning of the exportable offer Moroccan international markets;

- The Business to Consumer operations (B-to-C) to facilitate the listing of Moroccan food products to major retail chains internationally;

- Invitation of foreign donors in Morocco order to promote the quality and know-how Moroccan.

- Actions of training and information to identify and record the Moroccan exportable supply and help businesses become more successful their efforts to export;

- Information and guidance to foreign importers to promote their procurement dealings with Moroccan exporters;

- Moreover, Maroc Export actively participates in all public and private initiatives aimed at promoting the internationalization of Moroccan enterprises.