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Maroc Export has developed a number of services designed to support companies during the several steps of their commercial approach and thus encourage their international development level. In that sense, Maroc Export:
- Defines the export approach.
- Provides a reliable source of information and advice on different issues related to the export, whether they are logistical, financial or methodological.
- Has in its portfolio, consultants and experts from different sectors, willing to answer your questions, to assist you with advice or help you solving exports’ problems. 
- Ensure your participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. 
- Organize informative and training workshops. 
- Edit and publish « MExport» magazine and various documentary tools.
- Organize promotional activities: B to B missions, Prospecting missions, Caravan in Sub-Saharan Africa, Prospecting tour in the GCC countries, international Incomings, Forums and meetings with the participation of governmental institutions. 



Maroc Export’s advisors will help you in your aim to target growth markets for your products and services and assist you in your export approach, while assessing the exportation capacities of your society through several key points. 
1. Making a diagnose of your international potential.
2Help you linking with experts in several countries, in order to bring you an accurate vision  of the market and define targets to aim.
3Identify of growth markets for your products and services.
4Definition and support in elaboration of an Export action plan.
5Assistance in the identification of Financial supports adapted to the project.
6Development of a monitoring for your products.
7Help to rate your action in the export.



The operational approach deployed by Maroc Export is available in several aspects, namely :
- Moroccan organization and participation to international specialized exhibitions for better international visibility of the Moroccan exportable offer. 
- Business missions with individual meetings for direct canvassing foreign customers in target markets. It refers mainly to B-to-B missions.
- High-level institutional missions targeting policy-makers, major contractors at the international level to enhance their sourcing in Morocco.
- Large multisectoral missions in order to facilitate Moroccan exporters’ penetration on the markets of the sub-Saharan Africa an Arab countries.  
- Sectoral communication campaigns for a better positioning of the Moroccan exportable offer in the international markets.
- Business to Consumer (B-to-C) operations aimed to facilitate the listing of Moroccan food products in the large international distribution chains;
- Invite foreign contractors to visit Morocco in order to promote moroccan kow-how and quality.
- Information and workshop actions to identify and assess the Moroccan exportable offer and help companies to improve their exportation process;
- Informe and guide the foreign importers in aim to promote  their collaboration with Moroccan exporters. 


In order to help the exporters handling the cost of the research of international opportunities, the Delegate Ministre nearby the Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, in charge of Trade Officer has elaborated a number of support programs : 
Export Audit Program
The Ministry of Foreign Trade, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the CGEM and Maroc Export, the «Export Audit Program» aims to support the exporting firms in the improvement of their exportation system through the diagnostic of their capacities.
The «Export Audit Program» is the permanent and intermittent study of the abilities of a firm to export, in a sustainable manner, onto the international markets. The purpose of this program is to provide effective and efficient solutions to specific needs by using managerial skills.
This program aims to help and assist and accompany these firms through the study of their abilities to export, along with the identification of their dysfunctions in order to lead to an action plan and support mechanism for export. 
Agreements to Growth Export
This program is implemented through growth agreements between State-Firms/Cooperative for 3 years. It’s a financial instrument, based on call for tenders, designed to bring State financial aid to Moroccan firms/cooperatives carrying an ambitious export business plan and wishing its realization. 
It has for goals:
- Generate additional exportations;
- Allow exporting firms to get a number of means needed to develop their products in targeted markets;
- Strengthen the positioning of the exporting firms in the targeted markets;
- Convert the non-exporting and occasional exporting firms into professional and regular exporters. 
Export Synergia
This new program, to support consortium of exportation, is a financial instrument made to help the exporting firms during their start-up phase by guiding them in order to achieve activities aiming their development at the international level.
This personalized support will allow consortium to:
- Define the development strategy of their group at the international level;
- Define the promotion and commercialization strategy;
- The development of the consortium’s skills;
- The strengthening of the operational performance. 
In order to achieve this, the program establishes the instruments and procedures of monitoring and evaluation of export consortia’s projects aiming the promote the Moroccan exportation. 
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